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Established in 1957 when its founders purchased the land and swamp on which the club and golf course is situated, Hole-In-The-Wall is a private golf club for the benefit of its members, their families and guests, who enjoy the game of golf and wish to respect the history of the game by upholding golf’s timeless traditions. 

Cell Phone Policy

On the premises of the Club, cell phones shall be either turned off or in silent mode. Voice communications, except in cases of medical emergency, shall take place only in automobiles. Silent use of mobile electronic devices for reading or reference is permissible only in the Clubhouse locker rooms, restrooms, office and boardroom. On the golf course, practice areas and adjacent areas, silent camera and GPS applications are permitted. 


Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse or on the terraces.

Clubhouse and Golf Course Attire

Acceptable golf attire for gentlemen included collared shirts or mock collard shirts tucked into slacks or Bermuda length walking shorts. Acceptable attire for women includes slacks, Bermuda length golf shorts or skirts, golf shirts or blouse.

Hats are to be removed by men when in the Clubhouse or dining on the terrace and by women when dining in the Clubhouse or on the terrace

Unacceptable Attire: Blue denim clothing, “cut-offs”, tee shirts, work-out clothing, tank tops, short shorts, running shorts, gym shorts and haltered tops. 


Hole-In-The-Wall staff maintains a NO Tipping Policy and all employees have been instructed to politely refuse tips. 

Contact Us

Hole-In-The-Wall Golf Club
3600 Goodlette Road North
Naples, Florida 34103

Phone: 239-261-6481

We are located North of Golden Gate Parkway and South of Pine Ridge Road on the East side of Goodlette Road North and Ohio Drive.