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One of the most attractive aspects of the Hole-in-the-Wall Golf Club is the natural environment that surrounds the golf course and the absence of residential development so common to many other clubs in the Naples area. This property is truly a unique setting for the game of golf where members and their guests may enjoy the sights and sounds of South Florida wildlife and nature without leaving the city limits. With almost fifty acres of wetland preserves dedicated to conservation easement, the club's property is insured in perpetuity to be home to some of the most fascinating wildlife found in nature. Sub-tropical flora and fauna thrive and about in harmony while just outside the gate the restless and busy activities of “city life” carry on.

Although this is certainly not news or revelation to those who are members, the fact that substantial effort to conserve and care for the delicate natural environment may come as a surprise to many. For almost two decades the HITW has dedicated the resources necessary to achieve the status as a fully certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System. The Hole In The Wall was the 10th course in the United States and second in Florida to become fully certified in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. To gain and retain this designation requires the utmost level of environmental preservation and management of the natural ecosystems within their property boundaries. Requirements include documentation of the proper use of materials such as fertilizers and pesticides, elimination of evasive exotic vegetation, wildlife habitat enhancement and water quality monitoring to name just a few.

While traveling around the new 9 acre lake sightings of the complete range of wadding birds are abound. Snowy and Great Egrets, Wood Stocks, Tri-Colored Herons, and Big and Little Blue Herons. Bald Eagles can be seen atop of the pine trees as well as two Piliated Woodpeckers in another tree. A rare sighting of the beautiful Limpkin eating an apple snail was a special experience. Much wildlife has been spotted on the property and more recently a pair of Bobcats.